Minute Mood couples journaling helps you & your partner communicate how you’re feeling without saying a single word.

You want a way to stay connected and maintain consistent communication when life is busy. Being understood by your partner lets you know you’re cared for and appreciated. 

And just like that, empathy can flourish and you don’t have to feel alone – even when you’re together.


What if strengthening your relationship was as simple as a minute of journaling per day?

Research shows that empathy is foundational to a strong bond within relationships. Using the Minute Mood App when you are out of time, under deadlines or just in two different time zones, will allow you to cultivate more empathy without the stress of holding on to what you want to truly say or express to one another. 

 If you and your partner want to understand each other better, but frequently find yourselves unable to communicate your feelings effectively — this app was made for you.



By using Minute Mood daily journaling, you can expect:

To become more aware of your and your partner’s feelings and experiences
Less fear or tension around starting meaningful conversations
More connection and less emotional neglect
A sense of feeling seen & heard
More stability and gratitude in your relationship

Disclaimer! This is not a place to criticize your partner or defend yourself. When you read what your partner has said, do not respond immediately. Instead, use it to connect with your partner later. 

How can your relationship benefit from using the Minute Mood?

In just a few minutes a day:

      • Reduce intrusive thoughts about partner
      • Increase your own emotional management and reduces stress
      • Writing leads to clear thinking – and clear communication 
      • Increases thoughtful responses in writing, and in person
      • Insight to anticipate and provide support to your partner

Get to know & use the 3 forms of empathy and elevate your communication – everyday.


Feeling shared emotions with another.

      • Identifying emotions is calming
      • Allowing your partner to feel what they feeling
      • Staying in tune so your partner does not feel alone


Understanding your partner’s feelings.

      • Not about fixing feelings
      • It is about making sense of the feelings
      • Letting them know their feelings matter


Action to support how someone is feeling.

      • Offering comfort
      • Appreciation
      • Kindness

What’s inside Minute Mood?

Personal Daily Journal

Rate & track your moods to understand how your own thoughts and behaviors differ on good days and the bad days. Maybe changes are needed! Statistics can be accessed.

It can be as simple as an emoji, but elaborate as much as you want in the journal.

Couples Journal

You don’t have to be a writer!

Get insight into how your partner is feeling and their response to how you are feeling on a daily basis by reading what they share with you in their daily journal.  

This builds your emotional and cognitive empathy.

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Rather than starting an argument, come together from a compassionate place and connect with each other over what you’ve shared.

Good communication is the foundation of a lasting relationship, and this is where you’ll build that skill.

Free trial / one month  |  $5 / month  |  $10 / 6-months  |  $20 / year

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